Friends Who Stop By


Who Am I?

My name is Kathy, I am Aunt Kathy to almost everyone who knows me, relative or friend. Often it is simply AK for short.

I am a California girl transplanted in Upstate NY. I am a mother of two grown boys, married 30 years and a Nana to one, so far.

I have worked in the Insurance Industry since I graduated from high school but am currently pursuing a career in Human Services.

I love to write, read, blog and give away things. I love to bless people. I have been blessed over and over again in my life and I want to pay some of that back.

My friends told me about giveaway blogging and the light went on in my head, bells started ringing and in a breath I was already networking and finding my place here in giveaway blogland.

My goal is to find great things to share with you and in turn give someone a chance to enjoy the book or product first hand.

Some of the giveaway prizes are from my own personal inventory and others are donated by the publishers and manufacturers.

Feel free to email me if there is a NEW product or book you see out there that you'd like to see reviewed and ultimately offered as a giveaway prize and I will contact the necessary people to see if I can accomodate.

I am a Christian woman and I will always strive to have that attidude here on my blog. Honesty and credability are high on my priority list.

Please refer your friends and family here to my blog, the more followers we have the more companies will be willing to donate to these giveaways.

I think you are ALL winners, but I hope you all also win a little something extra on this journey with me.