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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Monday/Tuesday Another Day Another Giveaway


Well my intention was to post a NEW giveaway every Monday... However yesterday I managed to lock my keys in the car and was not able to get to a computer at all. Ack, what a frustrating day.

So it might actually be Tuesday but here is the Monday scoop.

When you have a frustrating day what do you do? EAT? NO NO NO, lol. You need to pamper yourself a little, some extra TLC is in order. So this week I want to make that easier for you by offering for free Avon's newest bath fragrance pamper set... Fragrance Banana and Coconut. This six piece set includes
1) Hydrating shampoo

1) Hydrating conditioner

1) Nourishing body spray

1) Nourishing body lotion

1) Nourishing shower gel

1) Goldtone gift basket

Banana Coconut Pamper Set
I have to say the fragrance is heavenly, it smells so good, I really want to keep this for myself. But I can always buy another set, after all I AM the Avon lady, LOL 

So are you ready to pamper yourself? Perhaps you know someone else who could use this pick me up... simply follow this blog and make a comment on how I can reach you and on Sunday I will announce the winner via a random number generator.

If you send another to this giveaway and they follow the blog as well you can have another entry for each one.

Remember as well the IPOD giveaway is still open and active until I reach 500 followers so please spread the word.

OK I'm off for now. I got my first book in the mail for review and I want to get started on the reading. Treadmill here I come book in hand.

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Giveaway That Started It All

As I venture out into this new avenue, this avenue to bless you with the opportunity to receive some free stuff just for the asking, I hope you will join with me and bring along your friends and family too. The more poeple we have reading and following and entering these contests the more donations and variety of stuff I will be able to offer.

I am going to start this first giveaway off with some things I have been saving for a special occasion, a special person... I hope that person is YOU.

A GOLD Limited Edition IPOD SHUFFLE Brand New waiting for you to customize it with your favorite songs.

To enter this contest, simpy leave a comment stating that you would like to be blessed with this product. That is your first entry. And all you need to do to qualify.

However to increase your chances you can also do any or all of these following bonus entries.

Bonus #1- Follow this blog by clicking on the follow button above and receive another entry
Bonus #2- Send people over to enter the contest, for every one that says YOU sent them will earn you another entry
Bonus #3- Blog about this contest on your blog and receive another entry (send me a link to your blog post please)
Bonus #4- Post about this on Facebook, Twitter or Plurk and receive another entry (or three if you do all) send links to your posts
Bonus #5- Becaome a fan on my facebook page, link is here and receive another entry

Please leave me a comment for each entry you qualify for seperately so you are sure to get credited for each one.
This contest will run until I reach 500 Followers so please remember to spread the word, the faster my following grows the more contests I can release and prizes you will get.
Come back often, I will have as many new contests as I can, daily, weekly, monthly depending on the success of each contest prior. Remember the more that play the more stuff I'll have to give away.